Who Do We Serve

We collaborate with youth, women, men, and families in the community, to increase their knowledge of health, education, and wellness to improve the lives of the individuals we serve. Work as an advocate to combat negative factors impacting the youth, individuals and family’s overall health and well-being.


Providing options for youth to enhance their quality of life.  Empower them to make positive, sustainable life choices building a solid foundation for a bright future.


  • Education
  • Independent Living Skills and development
  • Housing resources
  • Healing Focused Care
  • Community Connection of Resources
  • Career Path and Planning
  • Family Engagement
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Addictions education


Empowering Women to embrace their self- worth and value. Addressing the concerns of past and current trauma. Focused on women, mothers and young adult females developing a network to address factors plaguing women and young adult females in the community. This service will bring together women with various life experiences, socioeconomic status and belief systems.  This allows 
women to provide support to each other through various community involvement strategies.


  • Create an awareness regarding sex trafficking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Support to teen mom’s
  • Peer support groups
  • Proving resources for parenting
  • Family connections
  • Trauma focused care
  • Education and supportive services
  • Medical education and awareness


This program is geared towards men, fathers, and young adult males. Building a strong network to address the issues plaguing the males in the community. Working with men from various life experiences, socioeconomic status and belief systems to empower them in having healthy relationships within their families and the community. 


  • Peer support groups
  • Job coaching and resources
  • Family connections- building strong men within their family systems
  • Mentorship
  • Father’s connected
  • Understand trauma and it’s impact